Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Desolation of Smaug Review

Hey, Ya'lls, I've waited so long to get this posted, so it must come now.  I hope you enjoy!  So, who liked "The Desolation of Smaug?"  Here are some pictures for you who did like it
I got chills at this part

Bilbo is like, "What is this greenery?"
This part creeped me out.  There was so much majesty in this scene.

I really liked Thorin's new outfit.  

After you read this picture, read the picture below.  The bottom picture is a recap of the one above.

Thorin's majesty echoes off the cliff walls;).

"Onward my noble barrel!"

The Durins in barrels  ;)

I got emotional at this part.  It was sad;(. It was a good sad though.  I was happy/sad.

 Loved this scene.  It was way better than I expected...the whole barrel scene was. *smirk*

This part cracked me up.  All the dwarves with their heads sticking out of the barrels

Beorn's house was awesome.  Surprisingly, it went way faster than I expected

Tilda, Sigrid, and Bain.  So cute!

 Bard was pretty cool.

 I liked Tauriel.  She was a good fighter.

 Thrandruil gave me the creeps.

 Okay, this is my favorite part in the whole movie.  Not joking.  My heart literally stopped beating.  Maybe it didn't literally stop, but it was close.

I loved this scene.  How many knives did Fili have?  I loved how the elves just kept finding knives, even after they were done searching him.

"Who is this?  Your brother?"  Oo, feel the burn.

 Mirkwood was cool, especially when Bilbo sees his double.


 I had no idea that the Desolation was going to start like this, but it was awesome.  It was a good way to start a "middle" movie.

Bard's boat fill with drenched dwarves.  I love the part when the dwarves had to hide in the barrels and to be covered with fish.  Ehehehe.

Paddle for your life!

This part was so beyond describing.  It was incredibly indescribable.

I love the barrel scene.  This picture is hilarious because the Durins are just like, "The camera happened to turn on by itself, we're not posing" XD.


  1. Hey Sarah! So you said to comment on your blog, so here it goes!
    Yes, a flack-back would have been awesome! Except, as a fanfiction writer, it might mess up some things. I hate it when that happens!
    I liked the movie enough. It wasn't nearly as good as the first, and it could have been better. But Smaug was so awesome went to see it again with my dad and sister (Willow).
    You have a point about the Tauriel and Kili thing... but to me, it was just un-needed. It took up way too much time that they could have used on other things, more important things, like Bilbo. We didn't get to see much of him at all, and he's the main character? They took way too much time pushing the love triangle to focus on the important things, like Thorin and Bilbo. Plus, I thought that since Kili was raised so close to Thorin, he would also hate Elves, and he wouldn't flirt with them while imprisoned. But that's just my take on the Kiliel (I hear that's what they're calling it now) thing.
    Wait... could you repeat that? I comment on your and you comment on mine...? We could just both comment on my blog. I don't mind if you don't mind. Or not?
    Hum. Well I guess you could tell me the ideas, though keep in mind, I already have up to the fifth book planed in the way of a basic storyline, so some of your ideas may not work with mine. But I'd like to hear them, just don't publish them (as in a post on your blog), please :)
    Oh, trust me, you aren't the weirdest person I've 'met'. To find her, all I have to do is look in a mirror :)

  2. This is AMAZING!!! Thorin is totally my favorite character; he's so majestic! My favorite part is when he goes: "If this is to end in fire, then we will all BURN together!"
    And I also liked the part when Smaug blows the fire on him, and Thorin rolls over, the fire goes out, and he calmly goes: "Come on." he's truly amazing.
    Yes! Another Tauriel friend! I really liked her; she was quite the good addition! And Thranduil was such a graceful elf hehe. . .
    I LOVED the part also when Thorin catches the key with his amazing boot-- it was just epic!!!! :D :D and Merry Christmas to you, too! (Even though, I as well am a day late. :))

    1. Yes, Tauriel was a good addition. Oh. My. Stars. When Thorin calmly says ,"Come on", was the best part. Nothing can hurt him. Well, physically. *tear* I don't want to watch There and Back Again. It's going to be so sad;( Didn't you like the part with all of Fili's knives? Ehehehe. Thrandruil is very graceful, yes. Thanks for commenting!

  3. *stares* It's almost as if you read my mind. You spoke a lot of my feeling for this film! :)
    Oh I loved it so much! When the moment pictured in the first picture happened, I cried. Not joking! To much majesty, Thorin, you're making this little fangirl cry. :')
    And Fili's knives? Bahahaha, I had to try really hard to not laugh out loud. The barrel scene was amazing, but poor Kili! :( And when he did finally open the gate and the other dwarves start floating away, Fili turns around, "Kili?!" I loved it.
    I do admit I was a bit worried about Tauriel. You know, "What's she going to be like/do?" and I wasn't disappointed with her! :)
    ~ S. F.

  4. Shame, shame, shame on me! I didn't say anything about Bilbo. *guilty face* Now I feel like a bad fangirl! But any way, BILBO WAS SO AMAZING. HE'S JUST SO WONDERFUL AND I SIMPLY ADORE HIM!
    And Bard, Bain, Sigrid and Tilda were really good, too.

  5. Lovely post indeed! The Desolation of Smaug was a.m.a.z.i.n.g ! When Smaug first came on the screen I was in shock, he looked so bad out! Every time he came on screen I got shivers up and down my backbone, oh and I shook uncontrollably and clutched my chair. Yep.
    The only part in the whole movie that I didn't enjoy (ok, actually I couldn't) was the whole Kili/Tauriel thingy. Don't get me wrong, I loved Tauriel and I really wouldn't have minded them added her if they hadn't of put in all the "I could have anything down my trousers" junk. (< just for the record that line was hilarious).
    Bard was cast wonderfully. Luke Evans did a marvelous job!
    Lee Pace as Thranduil = perfection! I really wanted to hate Thranduil, but then I'd see his lovely lashes and I couldn't.
    Legolas is back! And he is as bad out as ever (big blue eyes and all).
    I wasn't too sure on Beorn. From the snippets we'd seen of him I wasn't too keen on him, but he grew on me and I liked him a lot. His bear form was terrifying!! But awesome.
    I certainly hope in the extended DoS we get to see more of Beorn's house, and Mirkwood. They sure didn't spend much time on either of those spots. They spent a lot of time on Legolas, Tauriel, and Smaug. Now Smaug, I can totally understand how they'd want to give him as much screen time as possible. But I'm not sure how I feel about them spending S O much time of the two characters that aren't in the books. Now I'm not sayin' I didn't like Legolas's Dwarf-Serfing...I think he should open a ride in Middle Earth called Dwarfing.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one that wanted to cry out in anguish when Smaug bursts into the air and shakes off his golden coat, and starts soaring to desolate Lake-town..then the credits come up. They left so many different plots to finish in TABA. I'm excited to see how *most* of them end. I can't say I'm overly excited about The Battle of The Five Armies, because I'm NOT. Infact, I'm going to call up the theater before I go see TABA and tell them to install a drainage system in their theater, because there will be a lake of tears before I leave.

    All in all The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was just fabulous and I LOVED it.

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

    1. Baha! This is the longest comment I've ever received. When you said you're going to call the theatre to install the drainage system, I laughed out loud. You totally should do that. I think I'm going to shed an 'ocean' of tears. Yes, Legolas serfing was awesome! Smaug was AMAZING! Is voice. And oh, when he flew out of Erebor and shook off the gold*gasp**sigh*. If you think about it, he was actually kind of pretty in the gold color:) Me too! At first when I saw Beorn i was like "Ehe." But then I saw it a second time, and no one else really could have played a better Beorn. I liked Bard. He was so kind to the dwarves for helping them. His family is adorable. Thranduil was a perfect 'elf' king. Mirkwood and the Beorn scene went way faster than I expected it to. I do hope that have more of those. I want to watch The Battle of Five Armies so bad, but then I don't. I'm going to cry so hard. I liked this movie a lot. It was VERY fabulous. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Mmm, well I'm very passionate about Middle Earthy things, and could chatter about them all. day. long. I think I need to come over to your house, and we'll bake a hobbity feast and have ourselves a LOTR marathon!

    I cannot wait until all three of The Hobbit movies are out on DVD (extended of course) so we can watch The Hobbit trilogy and then the LOTR trilogy. Cannot wait!!

    I've wanted to start a Middle Earth themed blog for a long time, bit I'm afraid if I did I would spent WAY too much time posting on it, so for now I'm just trying to stick with my other blog. Your blog is so fun, and gives me a chance to talk to another Middle Earthian.

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

    1. I could go on and on as well. It is very fun to talk about Middle Earth. We should so get together and have a Hobbit/LOTR marathon once the TABA comes out.(with extended) What is that, like 36 hours of T.V. O_O. I think my brain would be mush. Like it isn't already. Ever since The Hobbit came out, my blog has been on The Hobbit theme for a while. Yes, it is fun to have a fellow Middle Earthian. I like how you put that. Well, I'd better get some sleep. *guilty stare* Farewell, my fellow Middle Earthian.

    2. I love this idea! No kidding, mine would be too!

      ~ Aspen

  7. *happy sigh*
    Well, I 'm finally commenting on here...sorry for the delay, but anyways, I think I'll just sum up my take on the Desolation.
    It was AMAZING, because of:
    >Fili being adorable
    >Every Durin brother scene EVER
    >Smaug (OH MY WORD!!!! Okay, can I just? AAH. Need I say more...)
    >Bard being the sweetest father
    >did I mention Fili?
    >everything else. :)
    Love this post! :)

    1. I agree with you bro...I mean 'sista':) Yes, the MUSSSIIIICCC!