Monday, December 14, 2015

Remembering There and Back Again Link-up...An Unexpected Journey

Favorite Character
Fili and Kili...sorry but one does not simply separate them.  They come as a pair.  A lot of people probably thing, "Of course they're your favorite, they're attractive." Yes they're handsome, but I actually liked them in the book before pictures even came out.  I liked them before I even knew there was going to be the Hobbit movie.  They have been/always will be my favorite characters.

Favorite Actor

IMartin Freeman-Bilbo Baggins
No one could've portrayed Bilbo better!

Favorite Actress

Since Cate Blanchett was the only actress in the AUJ(and she is a great actress), I'd have to say that one woman in Dale in the beginning when everyone is having a jolly time before Smaug attacks.  She's wandering around with her husband/fiancé...yeah you guys have no idea who she is but I always come up with stories about her and how she survived Smaug's attack.

Favorite Quote/Line

"Home is behind.  The World is ahead"-Gandalf

Favorite Soundtrack

My Dear Frodo.
Cause it was there very first soundtrack we heard out of the whole Hobbit Trilogy=)

Favorite Friendship

I enjoyed watching Fili and Kili's brotherly friendship grow stronger throughout the 3 movies

Favorite Costume

Elrond's purple battle-armor

Favourite Weapon


Favorite Minor-Character 

Lily and her friend said he looks like me so...?

Favourite Scene

The beginning scene when Smaug attacks Dale or the Battle of Moria...#swoonsfromepicmuisc.  Also the scene when Dwalin, Bilbo, Fili, and Kili fight to defend Thorin amongst the burning pine-trees=)

Favorite Screen Shot  

Favorite Location

Dale and Erebor!

Did You Cry?

Not the first movie no

Did You Dress Up As Anything?

Not for the first movie no

Did You Watch it at a Theater?


What Are Your Personal Thoughts on the Movie?

One of my favorite things about movies is when we're introduced to the main characters.  I loved all the flashbacks that tied up the lose parts people might not have understood=)  It's more depressing if you watch it after BOTFA...*muffled crying in corner*.  But I enjoyed it so much since it was the beginning of a new chapter in PJ's films!  I grew up watching LOTR so I was really excited to get to see more!  Also, the actors/actresses were cast perfectly!

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