Thursday, December 17, 2015

Remembering There and Back Again Link-up...The Battle of the Five Armies

Favorite Character
I really like how Thranduil redeems himself and comes to the dwarves aid

Favorite Actor
Richard Armitage-Thorin Oaksenshield
He made Thorin's mood swings look real and he did a fantastic job of switching from nice to angry in a second

Favorite Actress
Evangeline Lilly-Tauriel
She's great actor!  I'm sure Tolkien would've been proud of her!

Favorite Quote/Line
"Will you follow last time?"-Thorin

Favorite Soundtrack
-Fire and Water...BECAUSE IT WAS CHILLING, MAJESTIC, AMAZING, AND JUST PLAIN AWESOME!  *especially the part when Smaug flies down and the music twirls*
-Beyond Sorrow and Grief...because it's depressing music and Fili and Kili are finally reaching the mountain
-The Ruins of's so drum-like and EPIC...#bruh
-Battle for the Mountain...It was the first soundtrack we heard before the movie came out and during the movie Lily and I were hitting each other like, "That...that's THE music!"
-Sons of Durin...#ijustcan't
-The's beautifully sad because it's the death of the 1st Durin #akafili
-To the Death...when the eagles come though #majesty


Favorite Friendship
Thorin and Dwalin's friendship
Dwalin(Thorin's life-long friend)is concerned for his friend/king and isn't afraid to talk some sense into him!  They're both willing to protect each other at all costs=)
Also Dwalin and Balin's brotherly friendhsip

Favorite Costume
-Fili's battle outfit...#whydidn'tanyoftheDurin'swearthefirstarmortheyhadon?
-Bilbo's battle outfit

Favorite Weapon
The half-sword Thorin uses when he's fighting the orcs on the ice...thought that was pretty cool=)

Favorite Minor-Character
I liked Alfrid...JUST KIDDING!  #don'thaveaheart-attack I like the Eagles!!!  I can't get over how pretty their scenes always are!

Favorite Scene
Uh...the whole movie?  My favorite(if I have to choose)is probably either when the dwarves run out of Erebor #cueepicmusic or when the the Eagles are flying over Thorin and Bilbo when Thorin dies #pashashashashash

Favorite Screen Shot
I think every movie should have an almost defeated/no hope scene because
it shows about much someone's actions can be the cause of a lot of innocent
people's death.  Scenes like this make you think there's no hope unless a certain
character makes a wise decision.  This moment is usually when a main
character realizes his mistake(s) and tires to fix them.

1. His face is the definition of regret,
2. His face says he's so proud of his nephew
3. His face says he's so sad that he brought his nephews into this
4. His face says he wants their forgiveness
5. His face says he's sorry


Fili and Kili looking up to their uncle for guidance

Fili and Kili scouting Raven Hill

Fill telling his little brother to search somewhere else because, being the
protective, big brother that he is, knows what's out there and won't let his
baby brother get hurt

Favorite Location
Raven Hill...#notthatienjoyedthatscene;)

Did You Cry?
#yes  I obviously started crying #fountainsofwater when Fili died because he was so innocent and it was the first time we had seen Fili get seriously hurt.  #itwasprettyserious;)  Then Kili's death was sad because he was the reckless little brother who just wanted his big brother back #why And then Thorin's death was sad because Bilbo had to interrupt;)  I didn't start crying 'til Bilbo started crying #obviously

Did You Dress Up As Anything?
I dressed up as a modern Kili with a blueish-navy shirt that looked like his tunic during the barrel scene in DOS and dwarvish looking boots with fur on top=)

Did You Watch it at a Theater?
3 times?  I can't remember?

What Are Your Personal Thoughts on the Movie?
Oh was beautiful, sad, majestic, portrayed wonderfully, and all things the end Middle Earth film should've been=)

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