Thursday, December 10, 2015

Remembering There and Back Again

Here's how you participate~

1. Post the link-ep picture in a blog post before the 12th (so everyone can know on time) and invite all Middle-earth fan bloggers you know to join up.  Make sure to link back to this post on Three Fangirling Sisters and share the instructions

2. On the days the movies came out (AUJ-December 14th, DOS-December 13th, BOTFA-December 17th), wear something Middle Earth related (example, a T-shirt or Dwarves looking outfit, etc.

3. On the days the movies came out, do a post with a title thus: "Remembering There and Back Again Lin-up-An Unexpected Journ", etc.  In the post answer the questions below, including any pictures and videos you want.  

Favorite Character
Favorite Actor
Favorite Actress
Favorite Quote/Line
Favorite Friendship
Favorite Costume
Favorite Weapon
Favorite Mino-Character
Favorite Screen Shot
Favorite Location
Did You Cry?
Did You Dress Up As Anything/Someone?
Did You Watch it at a Theater?
What are Your Personal Thoughts on the Movie?

So post ^^^(questions)list
on the 14th, answering the questions concerning AUJ(An Unexpected Journey), on the 13th, answering the questions concerning DOS(the Desolation of Smaug), and on the 17th, answering the questions concerning BOTFA(the Battle of the Five Armies).  You should have 4 posts about this.  The 1st before the 12th, the 2nd on the 14th, the 3rd on the 13th, and the 4th on the 17th=) 

Also if you are busy and still would like to participate, it's okay to post your posts on different dates too=)