Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Telling the truth and facing the consequences is better than telling a lie and living with a guilty conscience."

Monday, June 27, 2016

God Can Use Us While We're Young

Topic: God Can Use Us While We’re Young

Introduction: Even though we’re young, God can still use us.  

1 Timothy 4:12 says, "Let no one despise your youth, but be an example of the believers in the word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity."

Despise means to think little or nothing of.  So don’t let anyone think little or nothing of you because you’re young. 

There’s a story in the Bible that I'd like to share with you.  It’s about how God used a young girl to tell someone about Him. 

2 Kings 5:1-14 says

Now Naaman, commander of the army of the king of Syria, was a great and honorable man in the eyes of his master, because by him the Lord had given victory to Syria. He was also a mighty man of valor, but a leper. And the Syrians had gone out on raids, and had brought back captive a young girl from the land of Israel. She waited on Naaman’s wife. Then she said to her mistress, “If only my master were with the prophet who is in Samaria! For he would heal him of his leprosy.” And Naaman went in and told his master, saying, “Thus and thus said the girl who is from the land of Israel.”Then the king of Syria said, “Go now, and I will send a letter to the king of Israel.”So he departed and took with him ten talents of silver, six thousand shekels of gold, and ten changes of clothing. Then he brought the letter to the king of Israel, which said,Now be advised, when this letter comes to you, that I have sent Naaman my servant to you, that you may heal him of his leprosy.And it happened, when the king of Israel read the letter, that he tore his clothes and said, “Am I God, to kill and make alive, that this man sends a man to me to heal him of his leprosy? Therefore please consider, and see how he seeks a quarrel with me.”So it was, when Elisha the man of God heard that the king of Israel had torn his clothes, that he sent to the king, saying, “Why have you torn your clothes? Please let him come to me, and he shall know that there is a prophet in Israel.”Then Naaman went with his horses and chariot, and he stood at the door of Elisha’s house. 10 And Elisha sent a messenger to him, saying, “Go and wash in the Jordan seven times, and your flesh shall be restored to you, and you shall be clean.” 11 But Naaman became furious, and went away and said, “Indeed, I said to myself, ‘He will surely come out to me, and stand and call on the name of the Lordhis God, and wave his hand over the place, and heal the leprosy.’ 12 Are not the Abanah[a] and the Pharpar, the rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel? Could I not wash in them and be clean?” So he turned and went away in a rage. 13 And his servants came near and spoke to him, and said, “My father, if the prophet had told you to do something great, would you not have done it? How much more then, when he says to you, ‘Wash, and be clean’?” 14 So he went down and dipped seven times in the Jordan, according to the saying of the man of God; and his flesh was restored like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.

So Naaman, who was the captain of the Syrian army, had a skin disease.  But God used a young girl, like us, who Naaman had captured to be a servant to his wife.  The young girl, told Naaman’s wife about the prophet who knew about the one true God, who could heal him.  And then Naaman’s wife told her husband about it.  So even though this young girl was taken from her own home, she was bold and had faith. 

Verse 15 at the end of the story explains that Naaman realizes Who the one true God is.  And that all started because of the young girl. 

So even though we might think we’re just kids or seem unimportant, God can still use us to do His work, just like the young girl we read about.  Maybe he’ll use us to be friends with someone who doesn’t have any friends.  Maybe he’ll use us to be a light to our unsaved relatives and show love to them.  Or maybe he’ll use us to encourage our family and friends. 

But no matter how unimportant we think we are, (using a quote from the author Tolkien) “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

So if we’re wanting to do something bigger, when we’re young, and we’re not satisfied with where we are and we want to do more for Jesus; we just need to remember that God has placed us where we are in this very moment for a reason.  We just have to remember that and trust that He is working everything out! 

Which reminds me of a verse in Luke.  Luke 16:10a, “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much...”

So God wants us to be faithful in the things that He gives us to do when we’re young so that He can give us bigger things to be faithful in when we’re adults. 

This summer, God has given me, and several others from our church, the opportunity to get to do five-day-clubs.  We get to share the gospel with neighborhood children and that’s an example of God using young people. 

Read Jeremiah 1:6-8

Then said I:“Ah, Lord God!Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.”But the Lord said to me:“Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’For you shall go to all to whom I send you,And whatever I command you, you shall speak.Do not be afraid of their faces,For I am with you to deliver you,” says the Lord.
God doesn’t want us to use our youth as an excuse for not serving Him.  He will provide opportunities for us. 

The most important thing God wants us to do, when we’re young, is to trust in Christ as our Saviour.  Then once we’ve given our lives to Him, we can be praying for opportunities to serve Him. 

I bet some of you have the opportunity to play kindly with your younger siblings or help your mom out in the kitchen.  Those are all ways to serve God when we’re young. 

Conclusion: God has a purpose for our lives, even when we’re young, and He has us right where He wants us.  

Saturday, January 16, 2016

(picture from Google)
"He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, 
trusting in the Lord." 
Psalm 112:7

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

I’m so glad you’re my cousin!  I’ve enjoyed our countless games of Ping-Pong, Bluff, Pit, etc.  I've also enjoyed texting you while you're sitting right next to me:D  You’re like a brother to me and I’m so thankful for you, even though you're a head taller than me...literally;)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

We'd better get these published before we graduate=)

So, my friend Leah and I are writing a trilogy.  I'm writing the 1st book, she's writing the 2nd book, and then we're writing the 3rd book together.  The 1st two books are about each of our writing about the background story of my characters in my book(the 1st book), and Leah writing about the background story of her characters in her book(the 2nd book).  Then, the 3rd book is when our characters meet.  So at the end of my book and at the end of her book our characters meet but when you read the end of the 1st two books, you read about the characters meeting from her and my character's perspectives.  And then that's where both two 1st books end and the3rd book starts.  Also, you don't have to read the books in order like 1. 2. 3.  You can read them 2. 1. 3. because the 1st two books don't line up...they're just about my character's background and about her character's background between the two books.  In addition to the trilogy, I'm writing a prequel for the trilogy.  If you aren't confused yet, you deserve an award!  :)

The Journey description(the prequel)...I'm writing this one
Lance Chestal works for the Journey, a company run by Jefferson Thompson...a.k.a. Commander Jefferson.  Work here for Lance is going well; but life in his home is slowly failing.  He is slowly falling away from his wife, Melanie, towards the business life.  On realizing what Jefferson's main purpose for the Journey is, Lance must find a way to keep his wife and daughter Megan safe from it.

The Rebellion description(book 1)...I'm writing this one
For years, Jefferson has been suspecting a rebellion.  Working for the Journey for five years, Biggins Winterlock is tired of the business life and might just fulfill Jefferson's suspicion.  The combat life in the Journey isn't so bad; it's the way Jefferson runs the Journey.  Biggins decides she has had enough of this evil.  She escapes.  Biggins now must survive on her own, maintaining the title of fugitive.

The Initiation description(book 2)...Leah's writing this one
While Biggins is managing life as a fugitive, Royal Westerien is trying to reclaim her inheritance that Jefferson Thompson got a hold of.  With Kenneth Katz, a family friend, they will journey together on a dangerous quest and Royal will find out about a past she was not familiar with...a past bringing painful memories.

The Termination description(book 3)...Leah and I are writing this one
On this time-consuming mission, Royal and Kenneth won't have to suffer alone.  After running into them at a hotel, Biggins and Isaac Desdan(a Journey agent who also rebelled), agree to join Royal and Kenneth in reclaiming the inheritance if they but help them overthrow the Journey.

Leah and I started writing The Kingdom of the North a year ago but we were writing it together so it was hard to do so since we live about 40 minutes away from each other.  So we decided to let that story sit a while as we started a trilogy plus a prequel.  Even though we are writing the 3rd book together, we each have our own books to write so book 3 is kinda on hold too:)  Plus we were texting each other the Termination back and forth(like I would send her a part and then she would write onto it)and then she accidentally deleted all her texts so it was up to me to write the Termination on the computer.  Then a couple months later, I accidentally deleted all my texts.  So now I'm trying to get what we have written of the Termination so far onto computer.  We can't start up with the Termination until all our deleted texts and inspiration scenes are recovered written back up:)  Plus, I'm trying to finish the Silent Seeker and edit that...the joys a writer=)

Update: I just finished the 1st draft of the whole book of the Journey!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Remembering There and Back Again Link-up...The Battle of the Five Armies

Favorite Character
I really like how Thranduil redeems himself and comes to the dwarves aid

Favorite Actor
Richard Armitage-Thorin Oaksenshield
He made Thorin's mood swings look real and he did a fantastic job of switching from nice to angry in a second

Favorite Actress
Evangeline Lilly-Tauriel
She's great actor!  I'm sure Tolkien would've been proud of her!

Favorite Quote/Line
"Will you follow last time?"-Thorin

Favorite Soundtrack
-Fire and Water...BECAUSE IT WAS CHILLING, MAJESTIC, AMAZING, AND JUST PLAIN AWESOME!  *especially the part when Smaug flies down and the music twirls*
-Beyond Sorrow and Grief...because it's depressing music and Fili and Kili are finally reaching the mountain
-The Ruins of's so drum-like and EPIC...#bruh
-Battle for the Mountain...It was the first soundtrack we heard before the movie came out and during the movie Lily and I were hitting each other like, "That...that's THE music!"
-Sons of Durin...#ijustcan't
-The's beautifully sad because it's the death of the 1st Durin #akafili
-To the Death...when the eagles come though #majesty


Favorite Friendship
Thorin and Dwalin's friendship
Dwalin(Thorin's life-long friend)is concerned for his friend/king and isn't afraid to talk some sense into him!  They're both willing to protect each other at all costs=)
Also Dwalin and Balin's brotherly friendhsip

Favorite Costume
-Fili's battle outfit...#whydidn'tanyoftheDurin'swearthefirstarmortheyhadon?
-Bilbo's battle outfit

Favorite Weapon
The half-sword Thorin uses when he's fighting the orcs on the ice...thought that was pretty cool=)

Favorite Minor-Character
I liked Alfrid...JUST KIDDING!  #don'thaveaheart-attack I like the Eagles!!!  I can't get over how pretty their scenes always are!

Favorite Scene
Uh...the whole movie?  My favorite(if I have to choose)is probably either when the dwarves run out of Erebor #cueepicmusic or when the the Eagles are flying over Thorin and Bilbo when Thorin dies #pashashashashash

Favorite Screen Shot
I think every movie should have an almost defeated/no hope scene because
it shows about much someone's actions can be the cause of a lot of innocent
people's death.  Scenes like this make you think there's no hope unless a certain
character makes a wise decision.  This moment is usually when a main
character realizes his mistake(s) and tires to fix them.

1. His face is the definition of regret,
2. His face says he's so proud of his nephew
3. His face says he's so sad that he brought his nephews into this
4. His face says he wants their forgiveness
5. His face says he's sorry


Fili and Kili looking up to their uncle for guidance

Fili and Kili scouting Raven Hill

Fill telling his little brother to search somewhere else because, being the
protective, big brother that he is, knows what's out there and won't let his
baby brother get hurt

Favorite Location
Raven Hill...#notthatienjoyedthatscene;)

Did You Cry?
#yes  I obviously started crying #fountainsofwater when Fili died because he was so innocent and it was the first time we had seen Fili get seriously hurt.  #itwasprettyserious;)  Then Kili's death was sad because he was the reckless little brother who just wanted his big brother back #why And then Thorin's death was sad because Bilbo had to interrupt;)  I didn't start crying 'til Bilbo started crying #obviously

Did You Dress Up As Anything?
I dressed up as a modern Kili with a blueish-navy shirt that looked like his tunic during the barrel scene in DOS and dwarvish looking boots with fur on top=)

Did You Watch it at a Theater?
3 times?  I can't remember?

What Are Your Personal Thoughts on the Movie?
Oh was beautiful, sad, majestic, portrayed wonderfully, and all things the end Middle Earth film should've been=)