Saturday, December 19, 2015

We'd better get these published before we graduate=)

So, my friend Leah and I are writing a trilogy.  I'm writing the 1st book, she's writing the 2nd book, and then we're writing the 3rd book together.  The 1st two books are about each of our writing about the background story of my characters in my book(the 1st book), and Leah writing about the background story of her characters in her book(the 2nd book).  Then, the 3rd book is when our characters meet.  So at the end of my book and at the end of her book our characters meet but when you read the end of the 1st two books, you read about the characters meeting from her and my character's perspectives.  And then that's where both two 1st books end and the3rd book starts.  Also, you don't have to read the books in order like 1. 2. 3.  You can read them 2. 1. 3. because the 1st two books don't line up...they're just about my character's background and about her character's background between the two books.  In addition to the trilogy, I'm writing a prequel for the trilogy.  If you aren't confused yet, you deserve an award!  :)

The Journey description(the prequel)...I'm writing this one
Lance Chestal works for the Journey, a company run by Jefferson Thompson...a.k.a. Commander Jefferson.  Work here for Lance is going well; but life in his home is slowly failing.  He is slowly falling away from his wife, Melanie, towards the business life.  On realizing what Jefferson's main purpose for the Journey is, Lance must find a way to keep his wife and daughter Megan safe from it.

The Rebellion description(book 1)...I'm writing this one
For years, Jefferson has been suspecting a rebellion.  Working for the Journey for five years, Biggins Winterlock is tired of the business life and might just fulfill Jefferson's suspicion.  The combat life in the Journey isn't so bad; it's the way Jefferson runs the Journey.  Biggins decides she has had enough of this evil.  She escapes.  Biggins now must survive on her own, maintaining the title of fugitive.

The Initiation description(book 2)...Leah's writing this one
While Biggins is managing life as a fugitive, Royal Westerien is trying to reclaim her inheritance that Jefferson Thompson got a hold of.  With Kenneth Katz, a family friend, they will journey together on a dangerous quest and Royal will find out about a past she was not familiar with...a past bringing painful memories.

The Termination description(book 3)...Leah and I are writing this one
On this time-consuming mission, Royal and Kenneth won't have to suffer alone.  After running into them at a hotel, Biggins and Isaac Desdan(a Journey agent who also rebelled), agree to join Royal and Kenneth in reclaiming the inheritance if they but help them overthrow the Journey.

Leah and I started writing The Kingdom of the North a year ago but we were writing it together so it was hard to do so since we live about 40 minutes away from each other.  So we decided to let that story sit a while as we started a trilogy plus a prequel.  Even though we are writing the 3rd book together, we each have our own books to write so book 3 is kinda on hold too:)  Plus we were texting each other the Termination back and forth(like I would send her a part and then she would write onto it)and then she accidentally deleted all her texts so it was up to me to write the Termination on the computer.  Then a couple months later, I accidentally deleted all my texts.  So now I'm trying to get what we have written of the Termination so far onto computer.  We can't start up with the Termination until all our deleted texts and inspiration scenes are recovered written back up:)  Plus, I'm trying to finish the Silent Seeker and edit that...the joys a writer=)

Update: I just finished the 1st draft of the whole book of the Journey!!!


  1. Whoah. 0.0 that is a lot. Sounds like fun though! I've always wanted to do something like this, but it's never really worked out. Congrats on the first draft!! :D

    1. Thanks! I just started, a couple days ago, the Rebellion. I already had some of it done before I found out I was gonna write a prequel. I had actually written about half of the Termination before deciding to write a prequel:)

  2. These stories sound awesome! I would love to read some. How long have you been writing it? Like, from first thought-draft to actually putting pen to paper?

    1. I think I started with the idea in October 2014 and then I finished the Journey's first draft Dec 10th 2015:) I put thought to keyboard but pen to paper sounds cool too haha:) I do write down my thoughts though if I'm not near my computer so I don't forget them;)

    2. Thought to keyboard... yeah, I know how that goes. I always carry a notebook with me everywhere. I love writing my ideas down on physical paper before typing it out. I feel like my notebooks are where I can experiment and mess up, make notes and stuff. But you wrote your first draft in a year? That's awesome! I wish I could do that. I'm such a perfectionist and I mull over stuff so much. Only when I'm totally positive I like something do I write it on the computer. Needless to say it takes a long time to write anything! Lol.

    3. I carry a notebook with me too! If I'm not near a computer then I write down my ideas in a notebook and wait 'til I get to my computer:) I usually write down dates/figure out character's ages/and stuff like that in my notebooks:)