Monday, November 23, 2015

12 Days of Thanksgiving

Thanks for nominating me for 'The 12 Days of Thanksgiving' Tag, S.F.!
1. List 12 things that you are thankful for
2. Tag as many bloggers as you want, making sure to tell them of their nominations

1. God's unending love
2. Friendships
3. My family
4. Other's cheerful attitudes that makes your day
5. Football
6. Tolkien
7. Black ink pens
8. The ability to write
(I promise, S.F., I didn't copy you on this one...I actually did have this written in my thankful journal:)
9. Music
10. Technology
11. Letters
12. Forests

Darrion and Willow

Thursday, November 19, 2015

We Rock Climb

Who likes rock-climbing? =)

She did such a great job!  I enjoyed watching her=)

He went the hard way and did an amazing job!  I felt bad for telling him to go that way:/  He did awesome anyway:)

He made it so far...I'm impressed how far he made it!  Such a determined guy!

He went right up the middle which was obviously the hardest part...way to be daring!

She's so athletic!


Friday, November 6, 2015

Long time literally no see;D

I apologize for the slowness of blogging.  My family moved into to a rental to wait while our house is being built so we are in the middle of moving last minute items to our rental house since we have to be out of our old house by Tuesday.  We have most everything over at our rental(since our movers came yesterday)but we still have a few items left.  Hope to start blogging again after we get fully moved, a little unpacked, and settled in:)