Friday, November 6, 2015

Long time literally no see;D

I apologize for the slowness of blogging.  My family moved into to a rental to wait while our house is being built so we are in the middle of moving last minute items to our rental house since we have to be out of our old house by Tuesday.  We have most everything over at our rental(since our movers came yesterday)but we still have a few items left.  Hope to start blogging again after we get fully moved, a little unpacked, and settled in:)


  1. Hope the final moving went well + looking forward to your posts, but totally understand! (I am so behind!)

  2. Hi, Sarah!
    'Twas wonderful to hear from you. :) Sounds like you're having a brilliant, busy time.
    Hope your November has been going well! ♥
    ~ S. F.

  3. I am having a wonderful November! Thanks you asking=) How about you?

    1. Mine has been fantastic! :D

      I tagged you for the "12 Days of Thanksgiving" tag. Here's the link:

      You're amazing, dear friend!
      ~ S. F.