Monday, June 17, 2013

Creation Museum 2012

Last year in August our family went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky with another family.  We had a blast!  From long car rides to when your camera batteries go out, it was a trip worth traveling.  

The hotel we stayed at.

Apparently hotel doors need hobbit peek-holes. :)

Awesome dinosaur statue on the outside of the museum.

"Prepare to believe" 

Dragon over the gift shop.

Dinosaur eating vegetation.

Creepy that these things actually walked the earth...

The apostle Paul.

Looking into the empty tomb.

Old Testament prophets.

Writing the Bible on a scroll.

What's your favorite name of Jesus?  I like the The Root of David the best.  

Bears in the Garden of Eden.

Llamas and deer.

I'm not sure what these are called.  Maybe some kind of gazelle?  

Adam naming the animals.  Is that a bearded goat?  HaHa!  

Zebras and foxes.

A Buck and Doe 

Adam and Eve weeping over the dead animal.  

 Once of  Noah's daughters-in-law and his wife.  

 Noah and Shem.  

 Noah's Ark.  

The ark resting on a mountain.  

This guy was so cute:)  I stared at him for about five minutes trying to figure out if he was fake or real.  He was fake:D 

 Adam and Eve talking with God in the Garden of Eden.  

 We had too much fun with this Dinosaur.  :) 

 Isaiah running away from the Dino.   



 I think it's funny how Isaiah is running away from the Dino, and his mom is taking a picture of it.  

These goats were sooo cute:D   

Emily feeding the goats.  

I think is was called a Zorse, a mix between a Zebra and Horse.  

I loved walking through this garden.  It was so gorgeous!  

Once again, gorgeous scenery.  

This epic "majestic" knight was standing inside the gift shop.  

For those of you who have seen Lord of the Rings, I thought this wall looked like The Wall of Moria.  

 Passing through some states.  

 I've always wanted to visit Ohio.  Now I finally got to.  


Now I must ride my noble steed to my chambers for the night.  I bid thee farewell, Fair Maidens and Good Sirs.  

"May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.” 
-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit 


  1. I loved seeing your pictures from our time at the Creation Museum. Great post!

    Love ya,

  2. Love these pictures, they bring back great memories :)!! The pictures of the kids running away from the dinosaur are hilarious. And yes, the Moria Wall is quite enchanting. :)
    Luv ya!

  3. It was fun looking through these pictures from your Creation Museum looks like a pretty awesome + encouraging place. :) Blessings, Sar, and it was wonderful seeing you again todayyyy! :) Much love!

  4. it's so cool to actually look and see where you have been AND remember going there as well. Loved all the pics. Good job. :)Love you! Your Misty