Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Hobbit 3 Posters

Did anyone notice the Durins fighting just above the 'Hobbit' words?  Then there's Gandalf giving a death glare, Bilbo looking extremely brave, Bard looking so grim in knowing what is to come, the elves all together, Azog being creepy, the dragon, the Lonely Mountain, the eagles, Dale, EEEEEKKK!
...and then there's Thorin looking...can we all say it together?...MAJESTIC...yet he looks somewhat sad:(

Poor Thorin.  He looks like he's having a flashback; probably about Frerin*tear*...which, btw, needs to be in the Battle of Five Armies

Do you all remember the 'grim faced warrior' in the book?  Well, the first time I saw Bard I was thinking, "That's the grim-faced warrior!"

I really like Thranduil's armor:)  Elven armies are just so graceful and gorgeous in the sun

Wouldn't that stink if Gandalf died?  ;)  Phfft...I like how this poster doesn't look cheesy.  Galadriel doesn't look like, "Eh, help me I'm going to die."  No, she looks like she is seriously concerned for Gandalf.  Her face reads, "If either of us make it out, it as to be you."

I think it's funny how the trailer makes us so concerned for Gandalf:)  Will he die?  Or will he not?  Hmm, nice try;)

not. okay.

(pictures from internet)

Who else needs a trailer?  =D


  1. Exactly! Wow you answered that fast ;)

    1. Hehe, I was doing writing when I randomly checked my blog:) *ducks head in guilt* I normally don't do that, but I kind of just posted and wanted to see if there were any comments=D

  2. Why are you still on the computer? Wait...such a thing;) Dude, there's only 49 more days until THE BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES! HEELLLLLLLPPPPMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. ONLY 49?!?! AWESOME!!!!! Eh you'll be fine! Don't worry bout it! Oh and will you bring that book today at choir?

    1. Hey, Uncle;) I would love let you borrow my book but my mom wants to read it this weekend so I'll bring it to you next choir since next Wednesday is men's meeting. 48 MORE DAYS=D HELP!!!

  4. . . . . . . . . . . . *silence* . . . . . . . . . . .
    The first poster. Everyone looks determined. That does not read well in my mind.
    I was just studying the poster of Thorin (and, yes, Frerin should be in BOTFA in a flash back. *gasp* What if that's how it starts? ) and I looked at the date. . .December 12th? What?!
    Oooh, you're description of what Galadriel's face reads gave me the goosebumps.
    To sum up our feels. . .Nay. Nope. No.

    ~ S. F.