Saturday, July 26, 2014


As you can tell by the capitalized title, I really enjoy camp and I miss it already.  This was my first year, in seven years, being a Junior Counsellor.a.k.a. JC.  What was even better was that my mom was my senior counsellor!  I can't wait for next year's camp=D  Here are some picture for you.  Enjoy!

 When we left for camp, it was very foggy out

 Who doesn't bring snacks on long road trips?

Chloe and Emily

Me and Lily...I mean...Lily and I:)

I love taking picture of skylines=D


 A lovely water pump

 Camp has the most beautiful scenery EVER!

 The lovely view from our cabin, Green Gables.  unfortunately I don't have a picture of our cabin

 trees, trees, and more trees

 Mr. Tim, the speaker for that week did chalk talks for us!

He used florescent chalk

 The Book Of Life!

 Sports were probably my favorite thing to look forward to!  I loved to ref Ultimate Ball and enjoyed getting some sun.

 GaGa Ball is always a big hit at camp!

 I helped my mom and Lily with games for activity class

Another activity was archery.  This is Grace practicing for the small archery competition

Nolan competing in the competition with onlookers

I love the singing!

 Lily, Chloe B, and I found a new kind of Bible.  It's called the 'Chunky Bible".  Lily thought it looked like a jewelry box...lols!

Proverbs 31:10
"Who can find a virtuous woman?  for her price is far above rubies."

 Chloe and Emily inside Green Gables during quite time

 One of our signs.  The verse said something about how Jesus is the Captain of our Salvation...hence the shirt

 Hallie reciting verse to Mom

 Little Emma playing in the kitchen while her mom worked

It seems like forever ago that camp started.  Now it's over and I'm counting down the days till next year...not really.  I thank God that we are able to go to Storybook Camp every year:)

Psalm 118:1
"O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever."


  1. Fun stuff! Ah, love that shirt!

    Ooooooh, archery! Awesome! :D Looks like y'all had a blast! As usual... ;)

  2. Camp always looks so fun through your pictures, :) What is your favourite thing to do there? (One of, because I'm sure you have many!)
    I love the chalk talk! It looks so amazing.
    Oh yes, and I love these pictures, if I didn't already say so. :)
    ~ S. F.

    1. I love spending time with friends, gaga-ball, playing in the gym, and a lot many other things:)