Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Family Vacation

Ahhhh, Florida—sun, sunglasses, sunburns, sunscreen...yep, that about "suns" it up!:)  So, why do we like Florida?  Well—the ocean, the ocean breeze, the sand, the sun, the shells, palm that's why we like Florida.=D  We took a family trip to Florida this year.  Here are some pictures from our week.  Enjoy!

waiting for our plane to arrive

I wore my favorite shirt!  *woot woot* =D

once we arrive in Florida we bought groceries...

let me tell you, it was difficult to fit all our luggage and groceries for a week in our minivan

Dad and I watched a basketball game on his phone while the rest of the family shopped;) Just dad did help:)

Florida has the most trees I've ever seen!

tunnel of trees

a random palm tree in the middle of a parking lot...okay...O_o


view of the condos at night

palm tree...

palm tree...

palm tree...

and more palm trees...

yep, I like palm trees:)

Ah*sighs*the ocean!


Mom(Shelly) pun intended;)

Emily digging in the sand

Shelling is definitely one of the highlights of Florida!

the sunsets are always so golden and glorious

Let's go to Periwinkle...whatever that is?...:)

Mom's eyes brightened when she saw this sign:) but we were one day too late

Apparently down there, we were from Connecticut=D

I don't know why they have this sign...Floridans walk down the middle of the roads

the boardwalk to the beach


Find Cookie Monster...lols=D

It was so nice to swim in the pool after a day at the beach:)

Family swimming

Annie reading

pool at sunset




one thing I can never seem to escape in Florida :(

Emily and I shared the loft

loft at night

loft in morning

darling little seating area

we even had two roof windows

I enjoyed eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the deck while watching the ocean

This was an extremely helpful elevator.  We used it to carry all our luggage to the third floor...
(I may or may not have used it when there were stairs available and my arms were empty.)

Now, apparently, folk down in Florida are millionaires and can afford mansions that are identical to the White House

My adorable parents

Best place to buy souvenirs!

This is our favorite place to shop!  So many boardwalks and favorite shops:)

Just some advice if you ever go to Captiva, FL—The Bubble Room...don't go there.  The outside looks all bubbly and happy with bright fun-colored bubbles painted on the wall...but don't be fooled.  Once you get inside, there's dark lighting, creepy clown statues, dolls(like porcelein dolls), old toys, and other creepy stuff.  It's just weiiiiiird.

The best Mexican place...with outdoor seating...oh yeah!

I tried my first't the best thing I'ver ever tasted like a mix of bad ranch and lemonsO_o

Dad went to Starbucks almost every morning, taking us girls with him

We were trying to figure out which route to take, since we wanted to see some alligators and crocodiles, when Emily said, "Let's take the orange trail." 
Very funny=D (the orange is the shortest - the one inside the green)

the first alligator we saw...or was it a crocodile...I dunno?

the second one

Yes, my lovely plane eraser traveled all the way with me:)

Hanging out by the pool

One does not simply  'not' watch the Hobbit;)

the causeway...reminds me of the Winter Soldier;)

the causeway is what separates the islands from the mainland

the airport

riding the tram

in the airplane


the view from the plane


One does not simply 'not' listen to the Hobbit soundtrack

Flew over the Dallas, Cowboys stadium...Go Cowboys!

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!  Praise the Lord!"
Psalm 150:6

Have a wonderful week!


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  2. Fantastic Fun in Florida. :D Wow wow wow. . .
    Palm trees. . .ocean waves. . .airplanes. . .clouds. . . *sigh*
    Hah hah! The palm tree in the middle of the parking lot-- how hilarious and absurd.
    THE OCEAN! You lucky girl. It looks gorgeous. *gasps in delight* that golden sunset. Ooooooo. . .
    Swimming! Brilliant.
    Your loft looks like something from a movies.
    Alligators and/or crocodiles. . .which ever one, they're still amazing. ;]
    An adventure just wouldn't be an adventure without watching The Hobbit (which one was it?) and/or listening to its soundtrack, would it?
    And now you've gone There and Back Again. . .by Sarah the Majestic. :)
    Love you!
    ~ S. F.

  3. Sarah, these photos were absolutely stunning! I am sure that you and your beautiful family had the most glorious time there. My family and I go to Florida from time to time to visit the beaches . . . it is so beautiful there. I am thrilled that you had such an incredible time! (And that picture of your parents was just darling) I hope that you have a beautiful rest of your week, and that those fond memories will never fade. :)
    God bless you, dear!

    - Meg

  4. It's so good to hear from you again! I haven't chatted with you in a while:) Yes, we had a 'glorious' time there...thank you=D Isn't God such a wonderful creator? I'm glad He made the oceanXD