Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Surprise Party!

Last week the R family had us girls over to surprise their daughter (one of my best friends) on her birthday.  After telling Leah we couldn't make it to her party she had planned (which we couldn't and then ended up being able to) and then surprising her while she was nannying, made her so happy!
(pictures by Lily and 1 by Annie)

recap of...


6 years later, we did a recap of...

...this picture:)

It was so hard to get a good silhouette picture cause we both could not keep a straight face, so finally I had to look at her forehead and she at to look at my chin=D


Love you, Leah!


  1. Love this! And you two! The recreation pics are incredible. ;)

  2. The recap pictures are precious. :)

  3. I love you too so much :) My how you two have grown XD

  4. daaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!!!!! :) I love those pics, Sarah! The surprise made.my.week! I love you so much too!!! I love all those pics. :) Thanks for surprising me, dear!!