Monday, August 10, 2015

Awkward + Awesome || choir, mafia, little friends


~when you see the Fedex guy taking a picture of your neighbor's Christmas wreath hanging over their garage

~texting your friend something you meant to text your grandma

~freaking out over the Hobbit with your sister then realizing that your mom was on the phone and you had squealed loudly

~when you play catch football w/the younger boys at your church and end up jamming your finger while trying to block a pass.

~getting new slippers and trying to walk in them but end up almost breaking your ankle(I have now mastered walking in slippers;)

~a younger boy seeing your purity ring and joking, "Who are you married to?" :)

~that awkward moment when you have to say 'younger boy' instead of just 'boy' so your friend...hem...doesn't start teasing you;)

~naming the U.P.S. guy 'Ups(the actual word) Guy' several years ago and still calling him that whenever he drives by, "Oh, there's the Ups Guy!" :)

~when you accidentally pray for someone to 'get ride of their school' instead of to 'finish their school':)  This one was from a friend...thank you, Leah!

~when you think you've accidentally vacuumed up a Hershey Kiss:)...also from a friend:)

~seeing a low and dark cloud and thinking, "Why is that cloud floating?  Oh...wait...all clouds float."  O_O  I must've been really tired=D

~when someone's eyeshadow is the same color as the bags under their eyes

~laying in bed and smelling roast beef...O_o...okaaaay?

~knocking over a glass bottle display at the mall

~when you open the door leading to your garage and all of the three cars are gone.  Your dad took his car to work, your mom took her car to run some errands, and your sister took her car to college.

~playin' live Moffia and when someone 'dies' hearing someone say, "Who would kill 'so-and-so'?  Oh yeah, that person would definitely kill 'so-and-so'."  Mildly concerned here...:)

~a younger boy wanting to accuse me of being the moffia but couldn't remember my name.  He finally remembers it and screams at the top of his lungs, "SARAH!!!"...everyone got deathly silence...I was thinking, "What did I ever do to you?" =)

~the amount of smiley faces I use when blogging/writing/texting...;)



~singing a solo for choir

~playin' football w/little Eli

~playin' GaGaball at camps

~chatting with a younger boy at church about the Hobbit(oh, yeah) :)

~catching a falling broom with your second and third toes--from a friend:)

~receiving letters in the mail

~shootin' hoopsXD

~going to your dad's work with him

~playin' ping-pong with your cousin for 3 hours straightXD

~hikin' through the Mines of SpainXD

~did I already say choir??? XD

~waking up at 11:30 am and not getting stuff done 'til 4:15 pm and realizing that your dad has already been to work for 9 hours.  I am so thankful for a dad!  I don't know what I'd do without my daddy...well, first off, I wouldn't be here without my dad=)

~a friend making me a cake for my birthday!!!  The cake tasted delicious even though several bags had been set on top of it ruining the frosting.  It's the thought that counts though!  Thanks so much, Leyla, it was so thoughtful and kind of you=)

~playing Dutch Blitz and Clue every night at a family camp 'til 12:00amXD

~when a six-year-old boy you're babysitting let's you go first in a line to get your food after you tell he can get his food=)

~little friends shouting, "Bye, Sarah!" when they leave=D

"And whatsoever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." Colossians 3:17


  1. Haha, love this, Sar! The ring one, younger boy, glass display ones are my fave. Elim was holding my hand one day and fingered my ring and said, "My mommy has one of these, too!!" ;) We said "amen!" to the smiley face one - you are the queen of them. Brightens our days though. :) And yay for choir, football with Eli, mines of spain hiking, letters, dad's work, littles saying bye - yesyesyes. :)

  2. Ehehehe. . .brilliant. This was so fun to read. Thanks for making my day happier. :)
    Love ~ S. F.

  3. love these, Sarah!! I forgot about some of the things I told you... ;) haha. Leah