Saturday, August 9, 2014

Colorado Part 3

On Sunday morning, all of us cousins went on a horse ride through the mountain forests.  

 Emily on Cinnamon

 Lily on  Comanche and Annie on Teddy

 Jacob waiting to get on Morton

 Nicole on Preacher

My lovely Smith


 I don't know why, but I really like this picture!

 Annie and Lily

 Jacob, Nicole, Lily, and Annie

 The view from our trail

 Teddy was breathing down my back the whole ride:)

What does an elf call a selfie?  
An elfie!  Haha, that's a knee-slapper!  Sorry, I just love puns:)

 Teddy loved to toss his head around


 Smith and Comanche

 A big draft horse.  He tried biting my hand and nipped it.  Silly horse=D

Nicole and a large draft horse

Part 4 coming soon:)
See part 2 here


  1. So fun! It looks like this is the exact same horseback riding place that Dad and I did a few years ago. It was wonderful and steep and beautiful. :) And high-five for taking pictures while riding?! #impressive :) Have a wonderful day!

  2. AND hose ridding too?!
    An elfie... pa ha ha ha ha ha ... oh STHAP it, darling. Ha ha ha ha! Ha. Ha. ...
    Those horses are beautiful!
    ~ S. F.

  3. I just read all of the CO posts! :D Very VERY nice Sarah! I loved the pictures they were fantastic! It seems y'all had lots of fun, and that's wonderful! :D
    I'm lovin' your blog, keep it up!