Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Silent Seeker Update=D

For those of you who are interested in how I'm doing on the Silent Seeker, I'm on page 130 and starting on chapter 14.  Here are the chapter titles:) 

I was thinking of naming chapter fourteen 'Queen Kendra' but it doesn't really fit.  Does anyone have any ideas what chapter fourteen should be named?  Honestly, just give me any ideas.  It's after a battle and Devin and his army are going home, but I can't call it Homebound since that's chapter ten's title

Here are four of the six rings and some of my medieval coins...yes...I'm a silent seeker...muahahaha;)  

I'll keep you updated about when I get a chapter title for chapter fourteen:) 


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  2. You're a Silent Seeker...I think we might have reason to be scared... :)

    Perhaps you could call it something about a return? 'Tis only an idea.
    ~ S. F.

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    1. Go to this link
      and you'll read all about it. Mainly, it's about a young man seeking revenge on his uncle(who killed his family). The young man's name is Devin. I'm on chapter 19 at the moment=D